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Five ways to get back on track

So its New Year – New You but making a start is hard. Especially if you have a hectic day ahead working, looking after the kids, housework and more.

Here are 5 things you can do NOW to get on track.

Drink Water
This really is a no-brainer. Water is free, easy to get hold and just generally makes you feel a lot better as well as suppressing your appetite. 
The NHS recommends six to eight glasses of fluid day which equates to about two litres. It does take a while to get used to drinking so much but there are so many benefits that come with it.

Plan your food for the week
Spend 15 minutes planning your breakfast, lunches and evening meals for the next 7 days and write out a shopping list. Even if you don’t eat the exact food on the exact days you will have a cupboard full of great food you’re looking forward to eating.

Do some exercise
Don’t think about this one too long just do something small and build up. A 20-minute walk, a ten-minute run. Look online and find a hiit session if the weather is terrible and bounce around the lounge for a bit. If the kids are with you get them involved. If you’re feeling motivated – and have the time and space – get to the gym or pool.

Five a day
Something we all want to achieve but struggled to. Just for today make sure you’ve had some sort of fruit or veg at each meal and for every snack and you will have cracked it.

Do one swap 
Pick one thing you do each day that is unhealthy. It could be the 11 am latte, the 3 pm  biscuit or the evening glass of wine and swap if for something healthy.
What about an Americano in the morning, a small piece of dark chocolate in the afternoon or a cheeky vodka and soda in an evening? Just having the discipline to do this will make you feel brilliant.


So there you go – five things to do now. Get to it and good luck!

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