Testing my fitness with GiffGaff

Getting to the gym on a Saturday morning can take some effort but with the promise of a smoothy and money towards my fitness goals I jumped at the offer from GiffGaff to join them in Leeds.

Hosted at the fabulous Firehouse Fitness in the City Centre, the event was aimed at challenging fitness bloggers to see just how fit they were.

So with about 20 other health bloggers, all who looked scarily fit, I took on the challenge – flying the flag for the mum bloggers.

A quick warm up by the lovely chaps from Firehouse Fitness and we were off – trying to burn off at least 200 calories in 20 minutes on a variety of gym machines.

I was pretty relieved it managed to bag a treadmill and by the end of it had burnt off 240 and it was quickly onto the smoothy stand for a post-run treat.

My efforts earned me £40 towards my money goals and a fabulous goodie bag with loads of health and fitness products in.

For more information about the Giffgaff money which has loads of handy tips on how to save money on healthy eating and around the house www.giffgaff.com/gameplan

And if you fancy working out in a great city centre gym Firehouse Fitness can be found here http://firehousefitness.co.uk/


*Pictures courtesy of Matt Chappell and Search Laboratory

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