The importance of coffee

Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

There is no doubt about it if you are a new mum the only real way to survive and to function as a human is a decent cup of coffee.

I’m currently out of bed two or three times a night with my five-month-old and a 6am wake-up call is not unusual; babies it seems don’t understand the need for sleep.  

Even pre-baby I have always loved a really decent cup of coffee and, like many people, a trip to a cafe has been my morning ritual for many years. 

For those days when I couldn’t get out, we had a pod-coffee machine at home which I have loved for its convenience and ease of use.

When lockdown started, coffee shops closed and my husband and I were confined to our house we decided the time was right to invest in a better, higher quality bean to cup coffee machine. 

Although our pod coffee machine had served us well for the previous five years the pods are quite expensive and the quality is not the same as what you get in a cafe.

Bean to cup coffee machine with milk frother

With a bit of research, we decided on an espresso machine with milk steamer attached which would allow us to have that cafe experience at home. 

I can honestly say it has been amazing and my much-needed shot of coffee at 11am is something I really look forward to. 

With ground coffee and beautifully steamed milk, we can have the most delicious lattes, cappuccinos and americanos all from the comfort of our kitchen. 

Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

There is a huge difference in the quality of coffee you get from the bean to cup machine and the espresso machines and you can find more our about this at Limini Coffee. 

Despite having our own little in-house coffee shop as soon as the cafes reopened their doors we have been keen to get back to it. 

I sometimes feel when it comes to coffee we have all the gear but we definitely no idea and even if we have managed to make a good cup of coffee nothing beats the expertise of a properly trained barista. 

Bean to cup coffee machines with fresh milk

I much prefer getting out of the house and treating myself to a professionally made cup of coffee – it just feels like a really nice luxurious treat. 

My learning from all this; invest in the best coffee machine you can afford but ultimately leave it to the experts. Coffee is just too important for anything less. 

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