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The New York Marathon and finding family time

Today my hubby is flying to New York to run the Marathon. 

It’s been a gruelling 16 weeks of training for him, running after long days at work and spending weekend either doing, or recovering from, long runs. 

As a family it’s not easy either; it cuts into the precious family time we have which is already eroded by the 13 year old’s myriad of social engagements, Scouts events, youth club and swimming lessons. I am also swim-training, running and blogging. 

In addition we work full time, have long commutes, two demanding dogs who need exercise and that’s not to mention all the usual everyday stuff that need doing around the house such as washing, cleaning and DIY.

So how as an active family do you manage to fit in quality time when everyone has so many other things going on?

Do breakfast

We manage to eat an evening meal together about once a week, at best two. However on a weekend we often go out for breakfast. It’s much more relaxed, you’re not thinking about work next day and it really feels like lovely family time.

Get active together 

Two words – Park Run. If you’ve never heard of it you must have been living under a stone! It’s a great way to spend time together as a family.
Nowadays I can’t twist the teenagers arm to do it anymore but I am thrilled he shares a love of swimming and he comes triathlon swim training with me.

Holidays are key

This is something we prioritise. Although I know not everyone can afford it we do try to get away somewhere a couple of times a year, once abroad and another time in the UK. It’s the only time we all really have some genuine down-time to really relax.

Duvet days 

Popcorn, loads of films, comfy clothes and you have a perfect day. In reality we probably do it a few times a year but its really a great way of spending some time together.

Celebrate everything

We tend to make a fuss of the more random occasions that happen throughout the year. We had a trip to the beach last week because it was the dog’s birthday (yes really!). You can make up pretty much anything and celebrate it, do it every year and suddenly it’s a tradition that sticks.

Are you an active family? How do you fit in quality time?

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