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The perfect present for a newborn


It can be really tricky to know what to buy when a new baby is born, not least because whatever you get you can pretty much guarantee they’ll have three of the same thing.

A great way to solve this is a lovely business called the Baby Hamper Company which provides a range of baby hampers and gifts.

The Baby Hamper Company was set up seven years ago by mum and daughter team Christine and Chloe after they realised there was a need for original, cost effective newborn gifts.

On offer are a range of hampers which you can either make up from gifts on the website or look at what they have already put together. 

They also do a range of other presents which are personalised, aimed at news mums, for christenings, baby showers as well as much more.

I was lucky enough to be kindly sent a hamper for Seth’s first ever Christmas. Inside the hamper we received was:

1. Chocolate lolly
2. Christmas bib
3. Personalised Christmas tree decoration  
4. Santa hat 

Seth with his Santa hat and big from his Christmas hamper

All of this came in a beautifully packaged cardboard box with a lovely red ribbon on. The box can even be used afterwards and contained some fun ideas for play.
The boxes are eco-friendly recycled board paper which is 100 per cent bio-degradable and 100 per cent recyclable. 

All of the products we received were of really high quality and I particularly loved the tree decoration as it is something we will cherish for years to come.

I can’t recommend the hampers highly enough, it was a really special gift for Seth and if you’re looking for a baby present it is a perfect choice. 

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