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Toxic Instagram and why we all need a duvet day

My Instagram feed is currently a barrage motivational quotes from over -achievers consistently running marathons and climbing  mountains.

I just can’t seem to get away from memes telling me to ‘never give up’ or ‘you can do this’ or a personal favourite ‘you don’t get this ass by sitting on it’ 

There is a stream of pictures showing instagram-able food I should be eating which is low calorie, low fat, gluten free, dairy free, keto, vegan and vegetarian.

My fault entirely and a reflection of the types of people I choose to follow, I know. 

So how can the average person possibly replicate this seemingly wonderful lifestyle, while coping with the realities of life. 

Most of us have jobs, possibly long commutes, some have children and lots of us are setting ourselves challenging fitness goals. 

Coping with the school runs, heavy work-loads and trying to stay fit often ends in, at best burn-out and at worst serious mental health problems.

And those with children often, but not exclusively,  prime candidates for either of these scenarios.

The solution is blindingly obvious; if you want to do all of this you must have consistent and regular periods of rest and relaxation.

But somehow we have been sent a message that we should feel guilty about resting or we struggle to find the time for it – or both.

It seems resting has been relegated to a ‘nice to do’ and not an essential part of our lives. 

Surely this is wrong; you can’t pour from an empty cup and the importance of self care are memes that are slowly creeping into my social media.

It seems we are beginning to realise we cannot achieve what we want to if we fail to take care of ourselves first. 

So here it is – I’m giving everyone permission to sit in their pyjamas this weekend, eating Maltesers and watching TV. Get the kids involved, they will love it and if you can’t do this weekend book a day in your dairy and do it another time.

Your body and mind will thank you for it – the housework will wait and you can climb that mountain or run that race another time. 

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