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Want a bit more mindfulness in your life? Here’s how

Bernie Leonard mindfulness expert

We all want a bit more mindfulness in our lives but with work, children and everything else life throws at you it can be a struggle.
One formerly stressed-out busy mum, Bernie Leonard, believed mindfulness was so important she gave up a successful teaching career to completely focus on it.
Mum of two Bernie now runs her own business helping others become more mindful.
She said: “Mindfulness is really being fully aware of everything that you are doing and how that is affecting you.
“The advances in social media have led to a stressed out nation that is constantly ‘on call’.
“All of this creates stress which can have a huge impact on your health, including high blood pressure, moods as well as aches and pains.”
Bernie worked in the senior leadership team at a busy secondary school but once the office door was closed she found herself a sorry heap on the desk. She gave it up to set up Mindful Me Health and Well Being.
She now develops bespoke mindfulness courses which help people to become less stressed and have a better quality of life.
Bernie runs courses over six weeks as well as individual workshops providing people with strategies to fit mindfulness into everyday life.
She added: “Being more mindful is hugely beneficial – not only does it improve your health it can help with confidence, relationships and wellbeing.”
So how can we all get more mindfulness into our own busy lives?

Bernie’s top tips for more mindfulness


  • Try walking for half an hour in the morning, it gives you some time to be present and sets you up for a calmer day ahead.
  • Asking yourself ‘is that kind?’ is a great way to question your behaviour to yourself and to others.
  • Focus on gratitude; set your intention to appreciate all you have in life as this is a great basis for mindfulness.

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