What flooring is best for you?

Living in a busy household full of dogs and kids, it is crucial that in our house we get the flooring absolutely right.

With two Basset Hounds charging into the house on a daily basis covered in mud straight from the moors, the teenager arriving home from rugby practice or scout camp covered from head to toe in dirt and myself and the hubby arriving home from a run; our flooring takes a bit of a hit and can get messy to say the least.  

Flooring not up to standard just would not cut it in our house, and any money we would save on a lower quality, cheaper version would most definitely be false-economy.

We need something that is hard wearing, durable and made to the highest standards, so we know it will last and be able to stand the tests thrown at it daily.

We also want something that is stylish and looks good to complement the rest of the decor in the house and really enhance our living space. 

Throughout our hallway and porch area we currently have laminate flooring, mainly because this is the area we first come into contact with when entering the house. 

Filled with welly-boots, trainers, football boots, dog leads and towels it is an area that we need to be able to clean easily and quickly, which laminate allows you to do. 

It is also the first part of the house any visitors see so we really want it to look nice. 

In the kitchen we have a dark-grey stone-effect laminate which we recently replaced when we had a new kitchen, not only does it look stylish, it is also durable and hard wearing. 

As a family we spend lots of time in the kitchen,  so here, in particular, it is important we have something able to withstand a lot. 

In the lounge and bedrooms we are looking to replace the rather sad looking carpet with an oak-themed laminate to keep the heat in during the winter months and look stylish with a clean finish in the summer months.
We are keen to make sure whatever is on our floors fits in with our family and the way we live, as well as making our home a stylish and pleasant place to live.  

For more information on the various style of laminate flooring please check out Moduleo  

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