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What I’m watching this spring


Spring is supposed to be in the air but the freezing temperatures say otherwise and a cosy night in with some great TV is a lovely way to spend an evening.

You can’t go wrong with the Panasonic GX800B TV which has some amazing features to help you get the very best television experience. 

I would guess most couples don’t whole-heartedly agree on TV watching and I know I’m more of a period-drama lover and my husband loves his sport, or the more violent dramas like Gomorrah and Mayan M.C.

There are a few things we do agree on though, in particular we love nothing better than a really good quality crime drama. We’re currently loving BBC One’s Shetland, not only are the story-lines totally gripping but the scenery is fantastic too.

Looking ahead we both can’t wait until the fifth series of Line of Duty which just seems to get better and better each time.
Although it is a bit violent, I also love Peak Blinders, some of it has been filmed in Bradford so I can’t wait to see how the next series unfolds.
One of my favourite programmes of last year was Sky Atlantic’s Big Little Lies; the plot was amazing and the cast brilliant. I’m not sure how they can top the first series but I’m really excited to see.

I have also heard that there will be a new series of Happy Valley. This really was one of the best things I have ever seen on television for a long time. Again, it was filmed locally so great to see some of our dramatic Yorkshire landscape on television. Sarah Lancashire can do no wrong and really has to be one of the most significant actresses in recent years. 

But the big thing we are all looking forward to is, of course, the return of Game of Thrones, like many other people it has mesmerised us with its plot lines, cinematography and the amazing cast. It is a real treat and we can’t wait for it to start again. 

There’s no doubt about it, we will be glued to our televisions this spring; whether the sunshine makes an appearance or not. 

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