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A review of Hill’s Science Plan Adult Light


Basset Hounds are notorious for being extremely greedy due to the fact they are completely scent driven. This means they are prone to weight gain which in turn, because of their build, can cause them significant health  problems.

The terrible two

Our Bassets are pretty active as they are still quite young at four and five. Currently they don’t suffer from being overweight, however I am conscious this could easily happen as they get older. 

So I was really pleased to be able to try out Hill’s Science Plan Canine Adult Light which we had in chicken flavour. The product has less calories than standard dog food and less fat.

My only concern was whether or not, like with our own food, the reduced calories and fat would mean that the flavour suffered and they just wouldn’t want to eat it.

It’s safe to say our big boy Dexter will eat anything you put in front of him so he was a safe bet when it came to introducing new food.

Our smaller girl Darcey though is very fussy and I knew that if the flavour was not right she would defitniley turn her nose up at it.

During the changeover period both Bassets wolfed down their morning and evening feed and by the time they were fully onto the new food they seemed to be really enjoying it, even fussy Darcey.

I was also pleased that the food did not contain artificial preservatives, additives and colours as I’ve been told by a number of dog behaviourist how food can impact on how a dog acts.  There is also a great balance of protein, fats and fibre.


All in all I was really pleased with the food, both from the point of view of what it actually contained and with regard to how our dogs enjoyed it. 

Because ours have so much energy right now and we do our best to avoid giving them unhealthy snacks between meals we’re not desperately in need of a lower calorie food.

However as they age a little more, become less active but still have the same appetite this is an excellent solution to keeping them fit and healthy while still enjoying their food.

All in all this is a great product and I would definitely recommend for anyone trying to make their pooches that bit healthier without having to compromise on taste. 

Darcey the fussy eater

For more information about the product see here: ZOOPLUS

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