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Coping when your children are away

Parents across the land are pulling their hair out at the moment trying to think of activities to do with their children or having the nightmare of sorting childcare for six weeks.
For those of us negotiating life in a blended family, summer holidays can mean exactly the opposite when are faced with spending long periods without our children.
Harry is currently abroad for two weeks with his dad’s family. He’s having a great time and getting to spend some quality time with his dad, brother and step-mum. 
However it is tough been without him even though I know he’s happy, safe and having lots of fun.
Over the years I have come up with a few ways of getting through the holidays and coping with what can be a tricky time. 

Be selfish 
No more mum-taxi, organising and running around after anyone. You can be totally selfish and do exactly what you want when you want. Fancy a day shopping or a trip to the cinema? Off you go. 

Have a plan
Rather than sitting around moping it is better to have some plans in place. Meet up with friends, have a night out. Make sure you have a few things booked in the diary to look forward to and enjoy.

Get away yourself
Child-free holidays are a nice way of getting through the time and we have done it in the past. It is lovely to have some time together as a couple, or on your own if you’re not with anyone. And again you only have to think about yourself and what you want to do. 

Pick a project
We’ve done a bit of decorating this time and sorted loads of bits around the house. It’s a great distraction for missing him and something I just don’t get to when he’s about and life is so busy.

Get planning for when they return
Before you know it your children will be home, so get some nice things lined up so you can have a bit of fun and some quality time together. I’ve booked some time off work so we can have a few days out and a bit of mum and son time.

It’s usually pretty tricky fitting everything in during a normal week and training is the one thing that comes last. When Harry is away I tend to throw myself into it both running and swimming. I’ve found it a great distraction; you feel great afterwards and those endorphins give a much-needed mood boost.

So there you go, just a few things to help get through those difficult few weeks and before you know it they’ll be back, the house will be a mess and you’ll just be wishing for a bit of time to yourself! 

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