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Some obvious and not so obvious lessons I learnt after taking part in a Go-Tri

Last week I took part in Skipton Go-Tri. A 200 metre swim, a 9.5k bike and a 2.5k run.  It allows those interested in triathlon to get an idea of what it’s all about and for the more experienced it’s a great way to practise transitions or do some training.
So here’s what I learnt.

1. Unless you have the word ‘Brownlee’ at the end of your name you do not look good in a tri-suit. The truth is no-one is looking and no-one cares. Everyone just wants to get the triathlon done.

2. Thank the marshals, all of them, repeatedly. They are giving their valuable time for free and helping you get around.

3. Don’t be intimidated by other athletes. In my wave of swimmers there were experienced triathletes and first timers. That’s why Go-Tri is so good it’s for everyone.

4. Don’t neglect one discipline. I’m not mad-keen on cycling, mainly because I’m not very confident on a bike. However half way around, with tired legs, I realised more bike training would have really helped.

5. Just relax. This is particularly true when it comes to the swim, panicking and losing your rhythm of breathing could create all manner of problems.

6. Get organised. I didn’t put a bottle on my bike so had to drink during transition which took up valuable time. It seems an obvious mistake to make but easily done when the nerves set in.

7. Think about the practicalities of the transition. I put my hair in a high ponytail for the swim and then couldn’t get my bike helmet on during the transition so had to start re-doing my hair – not good.

8. Enjoy it! Go-Tri is a fabulous way to get a taste of triathlon in a supportive environment with like-minded people and really is great fun.

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