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A day out at The Tank Museum

It is testament to how good The Tank Museum is that I’m actually writing this while in the cafe of the Museum on our second visit of the week. 

Now most people do not eat, drink and sleep tanks in the same way as my teenager. For him it has been an experience of religious proportions. 

However, for those of us who simply have a general interest in history it really is a great day out. 

Situated in Bovington, Dorset which was the main training centre for tanks in the First World War, it is made up for six large halls housing some 300 tanks.

And if you’re a bit like me, as in seen one tank seen them all, it is helpfully divided into sections looking at different periods in history.  

This includes the trench experience, where you can walk in the footsteps of a First World soldier from the recruiting office to the frontline of the Somme; a really humbling experience.

There is also a section dedicated to war horses, showing the conditions of the horses in the First World War and their relationship with mounted troops. 

A hugely powerful display gives first-hand accounts from five Second World War veterans driving home the reality of what these machines were used for.

Bringing it right up to day is the Battlegroup Afghanistan area where you can see the living conditions of soldiers on operation and here first-hand accounts. 

At certain times of the year you can see tanks role into action in a pretty amazing display in the arena and ride on the tracked vehicle.

Also if you have very young children there is a play area with small cafe, and if you’re a Mum who only came three days ago there’s a larger cafe retreat to. 

We had a great day out at the Tank Museum, if you’re in the area it is well worth a visit. I love history and it was really interesting and informative.

If you happen to have a tank-nut as a child or partner it is a must-see place. He has walked around this place in complete awe and the icing on the cake was meeting the curator of the museum David Willey who was nice enough to take the time to speak to him. 

We now have an annual pass, which you get automatically from a visit so I suspect I will be experiencing the delights of the Tank Museum cafe again .

For more information vist


*The Museum is open daily from 10am until 5pm

*Entry is £14 for an adult, £9 for children aged 5 to 16 and free for under 5s

*Events take place throughout the year including Tankfest from June 28 to 30 and Tiger Day on April 27 and September 14.

10 thoughts on “A day out at The Tank Museum

  1. I love a good museum! I’ve been working in museums for over 15 years, though I have to admit I’d never heard of the Tank Museum. Sounds like you had a good day out.

  2. My son LOVES tanks – and weapons of all kinds. He is desperate to go to the Tank Museum and now I know there’s a section about horses in the war (my daughter is really into Warhorse) it’s a trip I need to organise asap.

  3. We love heading to the Tank Museum, it is such a great day out for all the family. Have you been to Tank Fest? It’s on in June and has lots of interactive displays and proper tank shows with explosions and even aircraft…….an amazing day out

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