Heart of the home

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, your dining room table and chairs have got to be one of the most significant furniture purchases you make with in your house.

One of the main things we were looking for when we bought our house two years ago was a really nice dining area. We were lucky enough to find a house with a completely separate dining room.

It was then really important that the furniture, most significantly the dining room table and chairs, we put in it were high quality, beautifully crafted as well as durable.

Why though, it’s just a room right?

Many families, and ours is no exception, do not sit down to eat every night as there are two many after-school and after-work actives which means evening meals can’t happen at the same time.

However when we do manage to eat as a family, and I would say it happens about three times a week, it is a really lovely occasion.

It is a great opportunity for us all to reflect on our individual days and listen to what each other has experienced.

We also talk about what is coming up and in a busy house hold it can be the only check-point in the week where we chat. Often it isn’t ground-breaking, life changing discussion but just general conversation about the weather, holidays and what is going on at school or at work. 

For me these weekly snippets of conversation around the dining room table are really special, they provide a rhythm to the week and our family life.

Our dining room very often then becomes the centre of our home and what goes in it, particularly when it comes to furniture, becomes so much more important. 
There are plenty of dining room sets on the market that are cheap and cheerful. They may initially look good, but if you want something to last it has to be well made.

There is something about an oak table that suggests longevity as well as luxury and you know that expert craftsmanship has gone into the making of it.
It really is worth spending some money in this area of your home as cutting corners will mean you end up with a shoddy product.  

Beautiful dining room furniture makes your home feel complete, homely and a place you all want to be. 

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