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Bibado Review

*This is definitely not an Ad. All paid for fair and square!

The one thing you can be sure of when you have a baby is you are going to spend money, and lots of it.
I was more than happy to splash out on some things for Seth but when it came to bibs I really did think a pound shop version would do the trick.
So when a few mum friends raved about Bibados it fell on deaf ears. I really could not bring myself to pay out £19.95.
However a few weeks into weaning and every single meal time became a nightmare with a full outfit change and a good 10 minutes spent cleaning Seth’s high chair and him.
There had to be another way. So I relented, put my tight Yorkshire principles aside and bought a Bibado.
With the promise of saving parents 30 minutes a day, Bibado was developed by mum of twins Rachel.
She too became frustrated with the amount of time it took to clean both her girls in the weaning process.
Designed to cover the high chair and not just the baby, the Bibado means at the end of a meal you can just whip it off and you have a clean child and highchair.

So was it worth it?

*I was really pleased at how clean Seth was and his high chair.
*The fastening at the back is really secure, as are the cuffs and around his neck which is where all his food usually disappears.
*Even though I’m a tight Yorkshire-lass I do feel, if you can afford to, it’s worth buying. It will save you time and effort.

The down side

*It is not just a matter of a quick wipe clean, you do need to give it a decent wash down or put in in the washing machine.
*It does take a while to dry (although it can go in the drier if you have one)
*I wasn’t overwhelmed by the colours and design, I didn’t hate them but they didn’t blow me away either.

In summary

All in all, compared to the wipe clean ones, it really is a much superior product and for me was worth shelling out a bit more than I usually would.
It does remove the lengthy cleaning process after, but do bear in mind you will have it to wash and dry it.
I do feel, unlike the million other baby products I’ve bought over the last year, it is something I will continue to use as Seth gets older.

Link to the Bibado website here.

8 thoughts on “Bibado Review

  1. I need one of these for my daughter, she’s on atleast two baths a day at the minute because she gets so messy at meal times! Glad to hear it’s worth the money, I might invest!x

  2. Oh I am reading this and remembering that someone I am following on one form of social media was asking for recommendations for decent bibs and it has gone out of my head who! This would be ideal to share with them.

    It’s a shame the cleaning and designs let it down but it certainly looks like a great idea x

  3. I can see why you caved and bought it. It really does help reduce the amount of mess spead around that you need to clean. I was lucky than mine were fine with the smaller bibs.

  4. What a clever idea. It was the way food would get stuck in all the little crevasses of our high chairs that always bugged me – such a nightmare to clean. I can see one of these would make clean-up so much easier, even now my kids are much bigger!!

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