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Six pram-friendly walks with cafes

I’ve spent the last six months walking around the Worth Valley with Seth in the pram so I thought I’d write down my most regular walks.
Lord knows us mums need a good boost of the old caffeine and sugar so all these walks include cafes.

Haworth Loop 1.5 mile
Starting point postcode BD22 8DH

It’s tricky to walk anywhere in Haworth without having to tackle a big hill but this one isn’t so bad.
Park on Cemetery Road, which is the one going out to towards Stanbury.
Walk back into the village, onto West Lane and then take a right down Main Street.
There’s a myriad of cafes down Haworth Main Street although I’d recommend Cobbles and Clay as they have high chairs although not loads of room for prams.
After your cafe stop head back down Main Street to the bottom of the cobbles and basically loop back up Rawdon Road.
If you fancy a stop off at the park that’s lovely too. Continue back up the hill and you will eventually pick up West Lane and back to Cemetery Road.

Hewenden Viaduct, Cullingworth 3 miles
Starting point post code BD15 0BP

This is a lovely walk taking in the Great Northern Trail, Hewenden Viaduct and Cullingworth village.
Park on Station Road in Harecroft, there are plenty of places to park and walk towards the Great Northern Trail.
Once on the Trail it’s a straight path which ends up near Cullingworth Primary School. Take a left towards the village centre and go along Mill Street where you will find Danchinos Cafe.
They serve great coffee, sandwiches and pizza. You need to book but details can be found here.

Thornton Viaduct, Thornton 1 mile but you can go further
Starting point postcode BD13 3NW

Okay technically not in the Worth Valley but it’s only five miles from Haworth and it’s another lovely walk with a nice coffee-stop.
If you park on Thornton Road near to Thornton Cemetery you will see signs for the Great Northern Trail. A lovely walk through some woods brings you onto the viaduct and just after the viaduct is the Junction Cafe.
There are outside seats only so avoid if the weather is bad. If you want a longer walk the trail does go on right up to Queensbury but be warned its a big hill!

St Ives Estate Harden various distances
Starting point postcode is BD16 1AT

I kind of think everyone knows this walk, but just in case you don’t I thought it would include it.
St Ives can be found on the road between Harden and Bingley and is a vast estate with lots to see.
The pram walk around the pond but if you go with a carrier you can see far more.
There is a cafe there which is nice, my only bugbear with this cafe is they won’t give you a glass of tap water, even if you are ordering other things from the menu. Really annoying, particularly for those of us breastfeeding.

Seth and Gabriel at St Ives

Cottingley Bridge and Myrtle Park 1.5 miles
Starting point postcode BD16 1LX

This is a nice one to do as you have the option of making it much longer if you like.
Park on Beckfoot Lane just over Cottingley Bridge and walk towards the golf club sticking to the road.
After about half a mile you will see a footpath which takes you into Myrtle Park and if you walk right to the other side you will find Tarquinns Cafe.
Last time I went they were just doing takeaways, however on the website it currently says they are closed so you may want to phone ahead.
You could easily make this longer with a wander around Bingley and if you find the bridge near the Fire Station you can get onto the canal.
Walk down the canal, as if you are heading back into Bingley centre and eventually you come to the Fisherman’s Pub.
Come off the canal here and walk down Wagon Lane, passed the Rugby Club you will then find yourself almost opposite Beckfoot Lane and back to your car.

Cliffe Castle Park
Starting point postcode BD22 6LQ

Another one that I just assume everyone knows about but thought I would include.
Cliffe Castle can be found at the other side of Keighley going out towards Utley.
The house itself is beautiful and a museum but is currently closed. The grounds are also lovely and all pram-able but there are some pretty steep hills to be aware of.
The Pavilion Cafe is great if you have a pram and a dog as there is an outside eating area.

Happy walking all and if you have you want to add feel free to ping me an email or add in the comments.

Feel free to join Worth Valley Babies Facebook Group too!

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