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Finding some calm with Scentered Me


Things are fairly hectic round our way at the moment – more so than usual.

We have a baby on the way which came as a complete surprise after eight years of trying – we’re still in shock. You can read more about that here.

Add to the mix possible redundancy (me), two overly energetic Basset Hounds, hubby half way through his masters degree in business and a teenager going through all the things teenagers go through.

My hormones are all over the place and the looming festive season is only adding to the overall stress.

So you see finding any calm in our house is pretty impossible but a little chink of light came in the post this week in the form of a present from the lovely people at Scentered Me

The company was founded by Lara Morgan who realised the need for portable aromatherapy products.

They offer a range of aromatherapy balms, gift set and beautiful candles – all of which aim to help you take ‘mindful moments.’

I was sent the de-stress candle which includes chamomile, neroli and mandarin beautifully packaged in sage green box. 

Being pregnant means I currently have a nose like a bloodhound and I can easily take a strong dislike to a smell quickly.

This however was simply beautiful, mainly because it was a very subtle smell which did not attack the senses but created a relaxing mood and helped me feel calm.

I often light a candle in my office when I’m working from home or when the chaos of the day is out of the way have one burning in the lounge in the evening.

This though seemed to add something else, not just a nice smell but a lovely ambience of calm.

I absolutely loved this product and would not think twice about recommending it, not just for the beautiful packaging, gorgeous smell but the little haven of calm it created for me to relax in, just for a while anyway.

For more information about Scentered Me visit their website here. The last day for Christmas delivery is December 18 and you can get 20 per cent off your first delivery by signing up to their newsletter.

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