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I went to see Emily!

This week I was invited by the lovely people of Welcome to Yorkshire to a screening of the new Emily film at the Plaza Cinema in Skipton. Living in Haworth and loving all things Bronte I could not wait to see it and honesty it was everything I wanted it to be. Here’s my review.

Release date: October 14

Wuthering Heights has captured the imagination of the world since its release almost two hundred years ago, but we still know relatively little about Emily’s life.

Written by Frances O’Connor, the film Emily, which is out next week, is a re-imagining of a period in time just before she pens her great novel. 

In 1839 Emily’s father Patrick, brilliantly played by Adrian Dunbar, takes on a curate by the name of William Weightman and what transpires is the basis for the story. 

Along with the sometimes difficult relationship Emily has with both her sister Charlotte and her father, the film explores the loving and deep affection she has for her troubled brother Branwell.

It also provides suggestions of how events in her life led her to write Wuthering Heights.

Bodice ripping

It is a wonderful story and contains everything; love, passion, plenty of bodice ripping, lots of drama, a scattering of humour and a slice of the supernatural, all presented as a believable narrative.

Emma Mackey is fantastic as Emily and manages to portray the writer’s complex character beautifully.  


The star of the show for me was of course the captivating scenery which included snippets of Haworth Main Street and the inside of the real Parsonage.

Seeing beautiful Haworth on the big screen is always a thrill. 

I loved every second of this film and I’m desperate to see it again. It feels magical to get a glimpse into what the Bronte’s life may have been like.


The film is not without a few controversial storylines and I’m sure much discussion will take place among ardent Bronte fans about some aspects of the content.

Any criticism? Small I know but from a Haworth dweller the Yorkshire accents were few and far between. Other than that it really is a spectacular film and I can’t wait to revisit it.

Here is the blog I wrote for Welcome to Yorkshire and I’ve also written a full guide to Haworth if you fancy visiting.