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Glamping tips and top spots for luxury camping

I feel like I really should like camping, I love the outdoors and being in the open countryside, but no; I definitely hate it.
Unfortunately the boy and husband rather enjoy it but after one awful holiday in North Yorkshire I vowed never to go again.
Cue glamping, this offers the joys of an outdoorsy holiday without the misery of camping in the elements.
We love it so much we’ve been pretty much every summer for the past eight years.
As you’ve probably seen there is a huge range of yurts, bell tents, shepherd huts to choose from we have usually opted for a camping pod.
What I would say though is a lot of our glamping experiences have varied greatly and there are a few things I’ve learnt on the way.
So if you are thinking of giving it a try for the first time this summer here are my top tips:

Size matters 
We have stayed in everything from large luxurious pods furnished with beds, televisions and eating areas to others which pretty much resemble empty sheds. Be really clear on the size of the pod too and what is inside it in terms of facilities. Not only will it dictate what you take equipment-wise it will heavily determine how comfortable you will be. 

Don’t overpay 
The rise of glamping over the last decade has meant it is super fashionable with the caravan now only the poor relation. Some glamping experiences come with a hefty price tag so I would really do your research, sometimes for what you pay to glamp, you could stay in a significantly more comfortable cottage. 

It is basically camping 
My main objection to actual camping (I have many) is the cold, so glamping is great as many have heaters and if it rains you are fully protected. However unless you are staying in a super equipped pod you will need to take everything you would when camping. So that includes a stove, washing up bowl, blow up beds, sleeping bag – the whole shebang. Be prepared. 

Check what facilities are on site
We stayed on one site which had a pub, play area, restaurant, laundry facilities, showers and even a bath. Our most recent trip to Wales was just one pod in a field with a toilet block at the other end. For us it was fine, but not great if you have to trail little children across to toilets in the middle of the night.

Check the location
For us it’s fairly crucial to have some ‘life’ near to where we are staying and by life I of course mean a pub. Not because we’re particularly hardened drinkers but because it is nice to de-camp somewhere warm if the weather turns, get out of the pod for a bit or enjoy a meal out. 

So there they are my top tips for pod camping, I’ve listed below some of my favourite spots to stay.

Top sites we have stayed at: 

Studfold near Pateley Bridge 
This really is an amazing place with so much to do for children. It has an nature trail and activity centre. We stayed right at the end of the season last year and it was a little cold but we had a great time.

Camp Katur Glamping Village North Yorkshire
Definitely at the top end of luxury camping with a huge range of places to stay from a Hobbit Pod to a safari tent. We stayed here about four years ago. The facilities were amazing.

Woodhouse Winksley between Pateley Bridge and Ripon
Lots of facilities on site including somewhere to eat and lots of areas for children of all ages to play in.

Woodclose Park, Kirby Longsdale 
This was one of our first experiences of glamping and the pods were slightly more on the luxurious side. 

Habour Lights Campsite Millom nr Lake District
We stayed here last year. The site was pretty basic but it was very close to the beach and village amenities.

Camp Katur
The dogs love a bit of pod camping too.
Glamping at Studfold in North Yorkshire last September

15 thoughts on “Glamping tips and top spots for luxury camping

  1. What some great tips. I love camping especially now that we have a VW Camper Van. But, I must say I also love Glamping and one of my favourite places to do it is Port Lympne Safari Park.

  2. Great tips, thank you. It’s a very good idea to research and be careful about prices. I only went glamping once and it was super disappointing so I’d be looking for recommendations for next time.

  3. We have (well actually past tense now, had) a touring caravan … felt so sorry for tent campers when it rained. I could never camp. Can you get well-equipped glamping pods that are also dog-friendly?

  4. We camp every year at least 4 times, we have been glamping twice. I loved it, just the fact that we only needed to take clothes and food. We have stayed in a bell tent with a double bed and air beds for the kids, we also stayed in a yurt with a lovely wood burning stove.

  5. Oh I’m with you! I endured a fair few camping trips as a child and it’s not high up on my priority list to take the kids. Glamping sounds much more appealing, thanks for the suggestions.

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