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Happy Step-Dad’s Day

Happy Step Father’s Day today (yep it’s a thing I just made it up) to all the step dads doing a fine job of bringing up children and negotiated life in a blended family

I met Stuart when Harry was five years old and it’s been a big old learning curve not least because five year olds have no sense of personal space –  he still doesn’t to be honest. 

Harry was thrilled when Stuart landed in our lives as he brought with him lots of boy things and boy talk just not on my radar. 

Initially their relationship was totally built on Star Wars, something they have loved together for the past eight years, going to see all the new films and having long chats. 

However when you find yourself parenting a five year old having never even had a child it can be hard.

Initially Stuart said he had two people to impress; he knew if he did not get on with Harry then our relationship was doomed really.

He also had to realise that there is someone else to think about, everything has to be planned so spontaneous holidays abroad were a bit of a thing of the past. Oh and actual holidays, which now had to be taken around school, were really expensive!

But what he did get in Harry was instant love, affection and adoration and someone to share things with.

Initially I also found hard to loosen the reins slightly having parented Harry on my own for almost 5 years it was strange to have someone else doing it too. 

It also helps enormously that Harry has a great relationship with his own Dad, his wife and their son his little brother Zak 

Do Harry and Stuart always get on? No. But we take the rough with the smooth, have a laugh and always say I love you before going to bed and to me that is family. 

So for every step dad out there who is being a dad taxi, sorting the washing, doing the food shop and helping with homework but never getting the dad glory have a lovely day today – you’re fab!

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