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Mum’s night off and a trip to a gin festival

The fact that I write a blog with the strap-line ‘health, wellbeing and family life’ and was going to a gin festival was an irony not lost on my 12 year old.

“Well that’s not very healthy Mum is it!” he piped up.

“Yeah kid – well Mum needs a night off!” was my response.

So with the judgemental child placed elsewhere my hubby and I set off on what promised to be a great night of knocking back some lovely beverages.
The popularity of gin in recent years seems to know no bounds, with gin bars  in every town and gin festivals a regular occurrence.
Created in my home town of Keighley, the company Gin Festival is partly responsible for this, organising festivals across the country which the public can’t seem to get enough of.
That definitely was the case in Skipton last weekend when more than 900 people flocked to the town hall to sample the delights on offer.
Having never been a huge fan of gin, I tend to go for a vodka when it comes to spirits, I was keen to find out what 900 people knew that I didn’t.
When we arrived we were presented with our own gin glass and a list of seemingly endless varieties of gin at bars scattered all around the hall. We could also try samples, visit the gin shop or have a cocktail.
After sampling a few we listened in to a gin master-class from the funny and charismatic Dan Walsh the brand ambassador for Keighley-based tinker gin.
It’s easy to see why gin has become so popular in such a short time. It’s not just a drink; it’s a real experience of fruit, ice and tonic which is light and refreshing and perfect for a warm spring evening.
I must say after trying just a few gins I’m a complete convert– particularly the sweeter, fruit varieties.
Even my real ale drinking other half got into the spirit as we tried everything from rhubarb and raspberry gin to Yorkshire tea gin.
The festival itself was well organised and unlike other drinking festivals you didn’t feel crammed into the room elbow to elbow with everyone else.
I would highly recommend a gin festival if you get the chance its a great night out and something a bit different. Check out for other Gin and food festivals across the country. 



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