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Getting some winter sun with a SAD light pad

Winter is well and truly here and, this week with a mixture of fog and rain, it has felt like daylight has never actually arrived.
I live in a semi-rural location facing the Yorkshire Moors so once it is dark outside it really does feel very bleak.
It can have a negative impact on your wellbeing and spending days in the dark certainly makes me feel less than chirpy.
Trying out the Care Co SAD light pad has been a great way to interrupt the monotony of winter and it really does feel like it has helped.
The light pad is mains operated and can sit on a table or desk, it replicates sun light and helps to alleviate seasonal affective disorder.
I’ve mainly used it in the mornings and had it on while I’ve been getting ready for work in the bedroom and also while having breakfast in the kitchen.Turning it on illuminates the room like no other standard light and it makes you feel ever so slightly better about early starts and dark mornings.
I also work from home two days a week and perched it on my desk each day so as not to feel like it is the middle of the night, even when its 3pm.
The most unexpected aspect of giving this a try was the response I received from my two dogs, who clearly must have been craving some sunlight and absolutely loved it. Both of them sat directly in front of it one day when I used it in the lounge.
I would heartily recommend the Care and Co SAD Light Pad. Winter can be hard, particularly on mental wellbeing and this is one way you can make it that bit easier.
For more information on Care Co visit their website here. 





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