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Walkshire: Railway Children Walk

Railway Children Walk

Distance: About 2.5 miles

Pram friendly: No

As well as being famous for the home of the Bronte sisters, Haworth has another claim to fame, the village and surrounding area were used as the location for the film The Railway Children.

The 1970’s film is based on the novel by E Nesbit about three children and their adventures when they move to Yorkshire.

The film led to the creation of a Railway Children walk, the full version of this you can see here. It takes in Oakworth which was used as the station in the film.

As I live in Haworth I often do part of the walk starting in Oxenhope and heading into Haworth. It’s a lovely stroll following the stream and railway line into the famous Bronte village.

It is definitely not pram friendly I’m afraid but I strapped my little boy into his baby carrier and headed off on an usually sunny January day.

Here’s the walk:

Start at Oxenhope Train station there are places to park on the roadside in the village and then head up Harry Lane noticing the path on the left-hand side.

The start of the walk
The path at the start of the walk

Head down the path, usually you can stick to the path but there is currently some building works going on so a diversion is in place.

This just takes you back up to the road and then back down another path. If you are familiar with the film take a look across the hills at this house. Now I may be totally wrong but I think this is the house used in the film where the children lived.

I’m sure this is the house used in the film

Once back to the side of the stream head along the path, look out for this little foot-bridge as you walk on the path.

You will eventually come to some houses, keep following the path through the fields, through some woods and then into some more fields.

Me and the little man

The path brings you out at the bottom of Haworth and you can either just do an out and back or head into the village for a mooch around.

The famous Haworth cobbles

If you have little ones with you go via Haworth Central Park which has a lovely play area and as you come out at the top of the park you are just across the road from the famous Haworth Cobbles.

If you really don’t fancy trekking back to Oxenhope you can of course jump on the train and chug your way through the country-side back to Oxenhope village.

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