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There is just something about this festive time of year that makes you want to get creative, particularly if you have children. 

The Elf on a Shelf phenomena is a perfect way to get ‘crafty’ during the run up to the big day and it’s lots of fun too.

More than 14 million Elves have been adopted by families word-wide and it is a lovely tradition that can be enjoyed by everyone.

However for busy mums it can be a bit time consuming, especially with Christmas preparations in full swing, but with the help of Design Bundles it can be made so much easier. 

It’s my first year doing Elf on a Shelf and I wanted to be really creative so I was relieved when the lovely people at Design Bundles sent me a box of twelve different crafts to really up my ‘elf’ game. 

All inspired by Design Bundles, the crafts ranges from printables for colouring-in projects to templates and logos.

Our first task was baking, so with Seth firmly strapped into his high chair we found naughty Elvis had already made a start.

After we had cleared up his mess we got on and made some gorgeous ginger bread men and had all sorts of fun decorating them.

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of gingerbread running through the house and we had lots of fun making them look good and of course eating them. I had forgotten how nice they are so I’ll definitely be making more. 

Second on the list of crafts was colouring, and again Elvis had made a start. for us. 

I even managed to get the bigger boy to give me a hand and it was really lovely to spend a bit of time together in the middle of the busyness of Christmas. I also secretly think the bigger boy enjoyed it!

All of the crafts we did were made possible with the help of Design Bundles which is a huge market place for everything you would ever need for making professional looking crafts and design.

Design Bundles began in July 2016 as a way to provide affordable digital products such as graphics, templates, mock ups, patterns, illustrations and craft files.

With more than a million users you are able to browse over 150,000 products with up to 96 per cent off the regular retail price. 

Design bungles specialises in connecting talented independent designers with discount seeking customers through the easy to use Design Marketplace. 

There are so many different designs you can buys from from Design Bundles which will help with a whole host of crafts including printables, card making and paper cut template to name a few.  

Next we had a go at making Christmas cards. I loved this one, there is something really special about handmade cards, especially when the children are involved. 

I have ones that go back years from my older boys and it’s so nostalgic to look back at them and remember Christmases gone by.

Of course Elvis was in on the act and had already made a start on making his own card. We managed to have some fun sticking on stickers and making our card look really pretty and special.

I have a few really special baubles on my tree which bring back memories of Christmases gone by so it was lovely to make some decorations from scratch to add to the collection. Particularly as this will be Seth’s first Christmas so it really is a very special one.

Elvis was all ready sat in our tree to show the first bauble and I sat the boys down to help making the second one.

I know that I will treasure these decorations and I will get them out year after year.

The next craft on the list was setting up some place mats for our Christmas dinner. Elvis of course had done his already but Harry and Seth (kind of) started making some, again another lovely way to spend a bit of time with both boys. Even if Seth wasn’t quite sure what was going on!

Last on the list was of course the Christmas wrapping. There’s nothing like settling down to a film on Christmas even with a pile of presents and some wrapping paper.
Elvis was there with his popcorn and labels.

With my boys being so different in age it can be hard to find activities for us to do as a family but crafting really is lots of fun.

It really doesn’t matter how good you are at it, its just great to have a go and make some lovely memories. 

If you want to up your crafting game or just find some great resources to do over the Christmas period, definitely give Design Bundles a visit. 

There is a whole host of free resources on there so you can give them a go without having to pay anything. Available at the moment are some fab Christmas trees which would make lovely designs for Christmas cards. You can also download monthly planners to get organised for Christmas or meal planners so you know what to buy when you hit the supermarkets pre-Christmas. Take a look at the free resources here 

If you are a serious crafter or just fancy giving it a go take a look at some of the craft resources available here https://designbundles.net/craft

How you can get crafty with Design Bundles

1) Colouring: There isn’t a better way to spend an hour or so than doing some colouring in. We absolutely loved it and at the end you have a lovely picture to treasure. Check our Design Bundles printable section for loads of resources.https://designbundles.net/craft/printables

2) Letter to Santa: Have your little ones written their letter to Santa yet? If not you can print off loads of different, fun templates. Some come with matching envelopes already addressed to the big man. Take a look here

3) Want to make your Christmas gift tags look really special this year. Why not print off some gift tag templates. Just search ‘gift tags’ on the Design Bundles website.

You can see more of what me and the boys did over on my Instagram.

For some more ideas of crafts with children take a look at Pinterest

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