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Struggling to get the kids to eat veggies? This just might be the answer

Getting children to eat healthy food is a daily battle for many parents as we are constantly bombarded with adverts for sweets and chocolate.

The Guardian reported earlier this year on average children see up to 12 adverts for junk food an hour* and you only have to walk around a supermarket to see some poor parent in a full blown warfare over the issue.

The answer? Turn healthy food into super heroes and write a book about it. That’s exactly what Yorkshire-based Hayley Dodsworth and Donna Harrison have done and so far sold more than 1,200 copies.

The book, Emma Bright and the Super Food Fight, centres on a little girl and her adventures when she finds a magical map.  It is aimed at children aged between seven and nine and written to inspire them to eat a healthy diet.

With hints of Alice in Wonderland the story is a charming tale of Emma’s journey into the land of Plenty where she meets Clarity Carrot and Ben E Dictionary the super smart broccoli.

I can’t emphasise enough what a wonderfully delightful story the two authors have brought to life and they have cleverly weaved in some brilliant messages for children and food.

They are careful not to demonise sugary snacks and make sure they have a place in the story but it’s clear that the super foods are the heroes of the day.

So far the two Mums have sold their books as far as Australia and America as well as raising £900 for Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens Charity.

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*Guardian article:


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