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My wheat-free week

I’ve eaten wheat for years with no real problem but too much can leave me feeling bloated and sluggish.
It’s such a great convenience food that toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta in the evening means its easy to consume wheat at every meal.
So as part of a totally non-scientific experiment I vowed to give up the stuff for seven days to see what would happen – if anything.
And here’s what I found….

Day one and two were easy. Planning was key but I didn’t feel like I was missing out.
By day three I was craving bread and whipping up a rice salad was far more time consuming than a quick sandwich  – and when you’ve smaller mouths to feed this can be a problem.
Day four and five were fine – Oat and banana pancakes went down a storm with my boy. I just had to remember not to grab a biscuit for the 3pm slump.
At the back of the week I did buckle, not that I ate wheat I just had to buy some wheat free products for convenience. A more able and imaginative cook would be fine I’m sure.

The verdict
On the plus side
By the end of the week I did feel much better. Less bloated and generally speaking I had eaten much healthier as I really had to think about what I was eating. I was also pleased when I jumped on the scales and was a pound and a half lighter. My period came a few days after I’d finished. I noticed a marked difference. Lighter and much less need for constant painkillers.

On the down side
It takes time to prepare food without wheat as most convenience food is full of the stuff, biscuits bread, pasta etc.
There are a whole lot more foods containing wheat that I ever imagined – sausages, some sauces and gravy and most cereals along with biscuits.
Generally speaking I found it a really worthwhile exercise and I plan to incorporate at least one or two wheat free days into my week from now on.

Menu ideas

Granola and yogurt (check the ingredients as many contain wheat)
Scrambled eggs and avocado
Oat and banana pancakes

Lunch ideas
Tuna salad with rice cakes and cream cheese
Baked potato and cottage cheese
Wheat free wrap and spicy chicken
Feta cheese salad.

Evening Meal
Spinach and feta cheese omelette
Sausages and sweet potato wedges
Chicken curry and rice
Chilli with baked potatoes

Cashew nuts
Fruit / Veg
Nakd bars

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