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Winter sun in the most unusual of places

I’m not sure there is a place in Spain, or anywhere for that matter, with a worse reputation than Benidorm. 

A haven for lager drinking Brits abroad, it is defined by its English pubs, high-rise hotels and rowdy clientele.

The television series Benidorm does nothing to change the public’s perception of the place, showing just how awful it really is.

And to be honest I’m not here to tell you otherwise. Benidorm is all you think it is and more, with its rows of English pubs offering cheap drinks, karaoke and questionable tribute acts.

What I would say though is scratch the surface just a bit and you will find there is more to Benidorm than meets the eye. 

Walk a mile and a half out of the centre to Old Town and you will suddenly be immersed in real Spanish life. 

The other side of Benidorm

Gone are the English pubs, replaced with beautiful cobbled streets filled with Spanish tapas bars and gift shops.

At the other side of Old Town you find the very picturesque Benidorm Harbour which is definitely worth a visit. 

The real Spain

The winter months in Benidorm are much quieter; less beer swilling stag parties and more pensioners looking for sun.

Benidorm also boasts endless white sandy beaches and that all-important weather, which when I went in February felt like a pleasant spring day in England. 

Benidorm isn’t for everyone, but I would say there are some beautiful parts of the town which are often overlooked.

It is a perfect place to get some much-needed winter sun without breaking the bank.

So if you want to get away and enjoy some sun, take a second look at Benidorm. It’s well worth it and there are always the karaoke bars and tribute nights if you want to liven things up a bit.


We spent three nights in Benidorm from Thursday, February 21 this year flying from Leeds Bradford Airport which cost £240. We flew with Jet 2 and the trip was booked through Teletext Holidays.

11 thoughts on “Winter sun in the most unusual of places

  1. I’ve never been but I’ve heard a lot about it and seen bits of the tv show. It didn’t sound like somewhere I’d go as I’m not really into going to places that are just made to feel like home, I really like the sound of the old town though xx

  2. I’ve never seen the TV programme but sounds like Benidorm has the same reputation in the UK as Mallorca has in Germany. I have to confess, I didn’t really know much about it. Going off season sounds like a good idea though.

  3. I never would have expected those cute little Spanish streets and pubs when you mentioned benidorm! The main area is somewhere I would not like to visit but thse traditional Spanish area, yes I would love

  4. It would never cross my mind to look at Benidorm for anythi g other than a girls weekend really – I’m surprised to read about how much more it has to offer. Old town sounds really lovely!

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