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Meet the Bassets

Meet Darcey aged three and Dexter aged four our two Basset Hounds. If you’re thinking of getting a dog read this first. It might just dispel a few myths about this infuriating breed you just can’t help but fall in love with.

They are not lazy
The notion of a sleepy Basset Hound who hates exercise is certainly not our experience of the breed. The majority of the time ours are bouncing around the house. They need at least an hours walk a day otherwise they drive us insane. They are essentially hunting dogs so stamina is their strong point and it takes a lot to tire them out. 

They sniff out anything
Basset Hounds have an incredibly strong sense of smell, the second strongest in the canine world, behind their cousin the Blood Hound. They can sniff pretty much anything out so are professional thieves, however it can makes walking arduous as no blade of grass goes un-sniffed.

They are outrageously naughty
Not a day goes by in our house without one of ours doing something unbelievably naughty. Top acts of defiance have included  ripping up cushions, stealing food, running away, emptying a bag of coal on our lounge carpet and stealing socks.

The cushion incident

We had to get an internal bin fitted in the kitchen as we were so fed up of them raiding it. As I’m writing this Darcey is lapping the lounge with a pair of scissors in her mouth she has stolen (I’m really not joking – hubby is sorting!)

They make a mess 
We hoover our house at least once a day because of the amount of hair they deposit. Dexter also deposits slobber all over the place, Darcey not so much. Their ears get in everything and that’s usually trailed around the house too. They also have their own individual smell so if you don’t like cleaning, Bassets may not be for you.

They make a lot of noise
We are quite lucky in that we live in a rural area and almost all the houses near us have dogs. If we do happen to have a visitor or the postman calls they make all manner of noise. Great burglar alarms, not so great for the poor postman. 

They are very loving
I’ve really never known a breed of dog be more loving and cuddly than a Basset, they are very pack orientated so want to be with you all the time and be very close. This can sometimes manifest itself as separation anxiety, however ours are okay on this front but we tend to avoid leaving them for long periods. 


They are funny
Dexter and Darcey make us laugh every day, they are full of character and personality. There faces are full of expression and they do the funniest things. We really  would not be without them.  

We have one who is great at toilet training and another who is not. We have tried absolutely everything with her but if it’s raining she will not go outside. When it comes to training or doing tricks they will oblige if they feel like; if not they simple refuse.

Most dogs are greedy but Bassets take it to another level. We now put them in a different room while we eat as they will not think twice about swiping something directly from your plate. Dexter once walked past our teenager and took an entire bacon sandwich right out of his hand.

A lot end up in rescue centres
Lots of people buy Basset Hounds because they think they are lazy dogs who don’t need walking and easy to manage. As mentioned that is a myth, for us anyway. They can be very challenging, so there are lots of Bassets in rescue centres who have just been too much for their owners. We know because Dexter is a rescue dog and has been more than challenging. You can read more about our journey with him here. 

If you are prepared to put in the time and effort Basset Hounds are the most amazing, lovely dog you will ever own. They will constantly make you laugh. You may spend half your time pulling your hair out but I guarantee you will spend the other half completely in love. We could not imagine life without Dexter and Darcey, they are an integral part of our family; even if they do test our patience to the limit on a daily basis!

If you are thinking of getting a Basset I would urge you to check out Basset Hound Rescue Network of Great Britain. 

23 thoughts on “Meet the Bassets

  1. I have to admit I’m not a dog lover however even can see how gorgeous this pair are. I get enough mischief and mess from my children to keep up with for now even though my daughter asks every birthday for a dog.

  2. they are so lovely and adorable. Looks like they like to play inside your room huh. And i didn’t know anything in this dog. Thanks for sharing what class of dog they are. They are so sweet!

  3. They are gorgeous, looks like they have very cheeky personalities too. Same with the toilet training, I’ve got one of my 3 shih tzus (7 years old) who will not go out in the rain

  4. All the bassets I’ve ever met have been such wonderfully happy looking dogs.

    I have heard they are hard work though, I’m fact a friend got one when she had her son thinking it would be a great time to have one while she was at home, she was wrong. He had to be rehomed to someone who had the experience to give him the care he needed.

    Great post, have to admit the scissors made me laugh a lot!

  5. So cute. Dogs are amazing I love them, ours is such a big part of the family. I know how hard dogs can be, we have come home to ripped blankets and foam from a sofa bed in the past!

  6. I desperately wanted a Bassett Hound, but ended up getting a Dachshund. We have very similar problems ! The kitchen bin is now kept in the cupboard under the stairs because she stole from it every time our back was turned! I still hope to get a Bassett hound one day and had no idea they were often given to rescue homes. Will deffo keep an eye out!

  7. Oh my gosh! They are the cutest. It’s funny you mention that they are not lazy and are pretty noisy.. because I would never have guessed that’s the case. We love animals and have a super noisy little schnauzer. They are like have an extra child! LOL. Fab post.

  8. They look like a lot of fun! My kids constantly ask for a dog, but we work too much and it’s not fair. Like you say, they need the time and effort. Great advice!

  9. Oh my, Thank you for introducing these 2 lovely bassets. Me and my kids always wanted to have a dog in our house. Now, I decided to have and will look for my own Bassets.

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